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Owner's Charter

You must be the owner of the subscription

We reserve the right to ask you for your subscription invoices and to block your account if there is any doubt.

Your share corresponds to your subscription package

Before offering your subscription to the public, please check that it allows simultaneous connections and that it corresponds to the offers we have listed for the Marketplace.

You share subscriptions from your country

The subscriptions offered must respect the rates in force in the owner's country of residence. Spliiit was created to save money by sharing fees between co-subscribers. Under no circumstances can you expect a profit for sharing a subscription.

Stopping a subscription

The service must be provided for a minimum of 30 days to each co-subscriber. Stopping a subscription without notice automatically results in
cancellation of the current month's payment.

Use of promotional offers

The first free months of an offer may be offered on the Marketplace provided that the subscription is renewed after the trial period. The account will be suspended if the login details are changed every month.

Updated on: 04/02/2022

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