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In which case can I request a refund?

A refund can be requested in the following cases:

You no longer have access to the shared service and the owner no longer gives any news (e.g.: connection credentials have changed, offer cancelled by the owner etc.).
The subscribed offer does not correspond to the service shared by the owner (e.g.: different country, different number of simultaneous screens, no more slots available etc.).
You have been removed from the subscription by the owner without a valid reason.

You cannot request a refund in the following cases:

You decide to leave a sharing offer of your own without wanting to use the service until the end of the period.
You have access to the offer but the service does not meet your expectations (e.g. the catalog does not suit you, you wanted to test the service etc.).
You have joined a private sharing.

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Updated on: 13/08/2021

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