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Once the subscription owner has accepted your request, you will be able to access the service.

There are two types of subscription sharing depending on the service:

Password sharing (the owner will share his login details with you).
Invitation link sharing (the owner will ask you for your email address in order to invite you in his subscription). Ex: Spotify, YouTube, Nintendo Switch Online etc.

Accessing a subscription with password sharing

On your subscriptions page, select the subscription for which you want to get the credentials.
Click on Manage Subscription.
Scroll down the page and click on Credentials.

You can also get the credentials through the group chat by clicking on Access Credentials.

Accessing a subscription with a shared invitation link

Send your email address to the owner via the group chat.
The owner will send you an invitation link via email to join his or her subscription.

Only the owner of the subscription can see your email address in the group chat. Other co-subscribers cannot see it.
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