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I already have occupied slots on my subscription, what can I do?

Spliiit lets you choose the number of slots available for sharing.

You can decide to reserve slots for personal use.

Example : I have a subscription for 4 people, I keep 1 slot for me and 1 slot for a family member, so I choose to share 2 slots on Spliiit.

During the creation of the sharing offer

When you submit a subscription, you will be asked to choose how many slots you want to share.
The remaining slots will be automatically considered as reserved and will not be visible on the Marketplace.

Your share offer is already created

If your offer has already been created, go to the Subscriptions page, then to the subscription in question by clicking on Manage Subscription.
If you have any free slots left, click on one of them and then on Reserve.
You can release a reserved slot and return it to the Marketplace at any time by clicking on it and confirming your action.

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Updated on: 13/08/2021

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