Refunds can only be claimed in the following cases :

- No access to the service for a 30 days period counting from your subscription date
- Credencials have been modified and no news from the owner
- You have been withdrawn from the subscription without valid reasons
- The subscribed offer doesn't match the owner's service offer

You cannot claim a refund in the following cases :

- You decide to leave a Spliiit on your own and you don't want to enjoy the service's last days
- You have access to the service but the catalogue or the service don't match your expectations
- You just wanted to test a service
- Some specific rules to some services are explicitly written down in the offer's description, available in the Marketplace. You can't claim a refund if an error is made by you.
- The owner provided the credentials or sent you an invitation but you are not able to access the offer. Spliiit cannot be held responsible for the misuse of a service. We kindly ask you to refer to the distributors FAQ.
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